Tuesday Jun 18, 2024


Prepare to have your mind blown as we dive into the jaw-dropping world of covert operations and cryptid mysteries! 

Uncover the shocking truth behind Russia's top-secret chimpanzee soldiers – the bizarre experiment that will leave you speechless! Were the experiments successful?  

But that's not all! Join us as we unravel the spine-chilling legend of the Skunk Ape – Florida's elusive, foul-smelling Bigfoot cousin! 

From strange scientific experiments to eerie eyewitness accounts, this episode has it all. You won't believe your ears! Tune in now to explore the dark corners of history and the unexplained.

Watch the extended version on youtube @cryptiquepodcast as we analyze videos of the Skunk Ape.

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Definitely check out our YouTube channel @cryptiquepodcast for the video version of the show with slides and videos of what we’re talking about.

Let us know about your worst nightmares at cryptiquepodcast@gmail.com

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Cryptique is a podcast and YouTube channel that covers A.I., aliens, alternative dimensions, alternative history, astrology, bigfoot, black eyed kids, conspiracies and conspiracy theories, consciousness, cryptids, cults, extraterrestrials, fays, feral kids, flat earth, folklore, forbidden knowledge, ghosts, giants, ghouls, goblins, government cover ups, haunted items, hauntings, hat man, hidden archeology, hidden realms, indigenous cultures, lake monsters, men in black, mystic powers, near death experiences, nightmares, numerology, occult, paranormal, politics, psychic abilities, psy ops, psychedelic research and experience, reincarnation, religion, remote viewing, Sasquatch, shadow people, spirits, Tartaria, tarot, the afterlife, true crime, true stories behind horror movies, UFOS, ultraterrestrials, urban legends, yokai, Yowie.

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